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20 Best
Contract Management Software
in 2024

Top 10 Tools for Contract Management

ContractCrab screenshots

1. ContractCrab: The first online contract management tool with an intuitive repository. Using AI, it condenses contracts into single-page summaries, simplifying contract analysis. Ideal for businesses seeking an efficient and user-friendly solution for managing contracts.

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2. Icertis: Known for its AI-based contract management platform, Icertis helps businesses manage contracts across their entire lifecycle. It offers features such as contract creation, negotiation, compliance, and analytics.

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3. Agiloft: Agiloft offers a highly configurable contract management software that incorporates AI for tasks such as contract analysis, risk assessment, and automated contract generation.

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4. ContractPodAi: This platform leverages AI and natural language processing (NLP) to automate contract management processes, including contract creation, review, and analysis.

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5. Evisort: Evisort’s AI-powered platform focuses on contract analytics and extraction, helping businesses to extract key data from contracts, analyze contract language, and track contract obligations.

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6. Conga Contracts: Conga Contracts offers an AI-driven contract lifecycle management solution that streamlines contract creation, negotiation, and management processes.

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7. DocuSign Agreement Cloud: DocuSign offers an AI-enhanced agreement cloud platform that includes contract lifecycle management capabilities, electronic signature, and contract analytics.

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8. ContractWorks: ContractWorks provides AI-powered contract management software designed for simplicity and ease of use. It includes features such as contract repository, search, and automated alerts.

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9. CobbleStone Contract Insight: CobbleStone Contract Insight offers an AI-driven contract management system that facilitates contract creation, negotiation, and compliance tracking.

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10. Onit: Onit offers an AI-enabled contract lifecycle management platform that automates contract workflows, improves contract visibility, and enhances compliance.

Honorable Mentions

Exari screenshot

Exari (now part of Coupa): Exari, now part of Coupa, provides an AI-driven contract lifecycle management platform that helps organizations create, negotiate, and manage contracts efficiently.

Gatekeeper screenshot

Gatekeeper: Gatekeeper offers an AI-driven contract management platform that streamlines contract creation, negotiation, and compliance tracking. It includes features such as contract repository, automated alerts, and customizable workflows.

Contractsafe screenshots

ContractSafe: ContractSafe provides a user-friendly contract management software with AI-powered OCR technology for easy document scanning and extraction. It offers features such as contract repository, search functionality, and customizable tagging.

Juro screenshot

Juro: Juro is an AI-powered contract management platform designed for fast-growing businesses. It offers features such as contract collaboration, e-signatures, and contract analytics to streamline the entire contract lifecycle.

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Symfact: Symfact offers an AI-driven contract management solution that provides comprehensive contract lifecycle management capabilities. It includes features such as contract authoring, negotiation, and compliance tracking.

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Ultria: Ultria offers an AI-powered contract lifecycle management platform designed to automate and streamline contract processes. It includes features such as contract drafting, negotiation, and analytics.

Springcm screenshot

SpringCM: SpringCM provides an AI-enhanced contract management platform that helps organizations automate contract workflows, improve compliance, and accelerate the contract lifecycle.

Contractlogix screenshot

Contract Logix: Contract Logix offers an AI-driven contract management software solution designed to simplify contract creation, negotiation, and management processes. It includes features such as contract templates, clause libraries, and reporting tools.

Contractroom screenshot

ContractRoom: ContractRoom offers an AI-powered contract lifecycle management platform that helps organizations accelerate contract negotiations, improve compliance, and reduce risk. It includes features such as intelligent contract authoring, negotiation, and analytics.

Contractzen screenshot

ContractZen: ContractZen offers an AI-powered contract management platform that provides contract lifecycle management capabilities along with features such as e-signatures, document management, and collaboration tools.

Top 5 Contract Management Software:
Detailed Review

1. ContractCrab

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ContractCrab offers a streamlined solution for contract summarization, providing concise one-page extracts for easy review and analysis. Here are some key features of ContractCrab:

AI-powered Summarization: Utilizes artificial intelligence to automatically generate summaries of contracts, condensing lengthy agreements into digestible one-page extracts.

Convenient Repository: Stores all contract summaries in a convenient repository, allowing users to easily access and manage their summarized agreements.

Advanced Filtering: Enables users to filter summaries by various criteria such as date, parties involved, contract types, and tags, facilitating efficient organization and retrieval of relevant documents.

Free Trial: Offers users 20 free attempts to try out the summarization service, with no credit card required for signup.

Fast Results: Delivers summarized contracts in just 5 seconds, eliminating the need for time-consuming demo calls or lengthy wait times.

Cost-effective: Priced at $30 per month, ContractCrab claims to be 150 times more cost-effective than hiring a lawyer for contract summarization tasks.

Ease of Sharing: Enables users to quickly share or print summarized contracts with a single click, streamlining the process of distributing contract insights to stakeholders.

ContractCrab’s combination of AI-driven summarization, convenient repository management, and affordable pricing makes it an attractive option for businesses seeking to save time and money on contract analysis and review.

2. Icertis

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Contract creation and authoring: Enables users to draft and create contracts efficiently.

Contract repository and centralization: Provides a centralized location for storing and accessing contracts.

Contract analytics and insights: Offers tools to analyze contract data and gain valuable insights.

Compliance management: Helps ensure contracts adhere to regulatory and organizational compliance standards.

Automated contract workflows: Streamlines contract processes through automation.

Integration with ERP and CRM systems: Connects with enterprise resource planning (ERP) and customer relationship management (CRM) systems for seamless data exchange.

Supplier and vendor management: Facilitates the management of supplier and vendor contracts and relationships.

3. Agiloft

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Configurable contract lifecycle management: Allows customization of the contract lifecycle management process.

AI-driven contract analysis and risk assessment: Utilizes artificial intelligence for contract analysis and risk evaluation.

Automated contract generation: Generates contracts automatically, saving time and effort.

Compliance tracking and reporting: Tracks compliance with regulations and generates reports accordingly.

Contract repository and search functionality: Provides a searchable repository for storing and retrieving contracts.

Vendor and procurement management: Manages vendor relationships and procurement processes.

Integration with third-party systems: Integrates with various third-party systems for enhanced functionality.

4. ContractPodAi

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AI-powered contract review and analysis: Utilizes AI for reviewing and analyzing contracts.

Contract drafting and automation: Automates the drafting process for creating contracts.

Compliance monitoring and alerts: Monitors contract compliance and sends alerts for any deviations.

Contract repository with search capabilities: Offers a repository with advanced search functionalities.

Workflow automation: Automates contract workflows to streamline processes.

Contract performance tracking: Tracks the performance of contracts over time.

Integration with CRM and ERP systems: Integrates with customer relationship management (CRM) and enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems.

5. Evisort

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AI-driven contract extraction and analytics: Utilizes AI for extracting data and performing analytics on contracts.

Obligation tracking and compliance management: Tracks contract obligations and ensures compliance.

Contract risk assessment: Assesses risks associated with contracts using AI.

Automated contract generation: Automatically generates contracts based on predefined templates.

Integration with business intelligence tools: Integrates with business intelligence tools for advanced analytics.

Collaboration and document sharing: Facilitates collaboration and document sharing among stakeholders.